The Sault Ste. Marie Canal is a National Historic Site of Canada located in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario and was completed in 1895. The canal was the last link in the shipping route from the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Superior. The canal is about 1.6 kilometeres long and the original lock portion was 274 metres long and 18 metres wide; at the time of it’s completion, the canal boasted the largest first electrically operated lock in the world.

The historic lock was shut down in 1987 and the new lock -built within the old- was opened in 1998. Today the Sault St. Marie Canal is used for recreational and tour boats. All major shipping traffic uses the U.S lock system. Visitors to the canal can tour the many historical buildings on the site including the administration building, superintendents residence, the canalmen’s shelter, the powerhouse and the blacksmith shop. Most of the original machinery is still used today in the lock system, including the Sault Canal Emergency Swing Dam, which was instrumental in preventing catastrophe when the Perry G Walker crashed into the south gate in 1909.



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