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Project Coastline is hosting a 7 Ambassador Schools Challenge in urban, rural and native reserve communities and the involvement of more than 2,000 youth as they explore the many dimensions of Canada’s Coastline through media. Youth will be encouraged to share their discoveries and creative narratives speaking to the past, the present, and the future from small communities to major harbours and from the experience of a single paddler in a canoe, to the crew of a tall ship on the Great Lakes. Project Coastline VIP Guest Speakers will share their experiences, stories and passion for creative and informed communication to spark this Coastline Challenge that is an essential source of knowledge and motivation informing our future directions.

Project Coastline is a youth-led creative media and discovery campaign supported by the artistic leadership of our VIP Guests who aim to inspire youth to take up the challenge of exploring Canada’s Coastline. VIP Guest Artists and Speakers including Canadian songwriters Treasa Levasseur, Pressgang Mutiny and David Newland as well as and science communicators Jennifer Pate and Rowshyra Castaneda will share their stories at selected Project Coastline Ambassador Schools through large school assemblies, arts-based programs and workshops, and other curriculum based activities focused on connecting young Canadians to bodies of water for the benefit of our mental, physical and societal well-being.

Making Canada known to young Canadians, and welcoming newcomers to take responsibility for our waterways, is our collective mandate shared with our partners.  Our goal is to foster a greater civic awareness and inquiry based engagement in youth, to amplify their knowledge of our 202,080 km of coastline, so that our history, present challenges, and future possibilities become personal in nature, and transpire in effect.

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