Get Your Skate On!

Our nation’s capital boasts a whole lot more then just being the epicenter for all things political!

The Rideau Canal or Rideau Waterway connects the city of Ottawa Ontario to the city of Kingston Ontario, and is 202 kilometers in length. While it was originally used as a precautionary secure supply and communications route between Kingston and Montreal; today, The Rideau Canal is used mainly for pleasure boating. In the winter, the portion of the canal running through central Ottawa freezes over and becomes a skating rink for locals and tourist alike to enjoy. The Rideau Canal boasts the longest skating rink in the world! It’s cleared length is 7.8 kilometers, which is equivalent to 90 skating rinks! Try playing hockey on that! It runs from the Hartwell locks at Carleton University to the locks between the Parliament buildings and the Chateau Laurier! Make sure to say hello to the Prime Minister as you skate by!

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