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Send some of your fondest pictures of water and Canada’s Coastline and our Crew will pin them up to include them on our Yellow Pins Coastline Media Map project. Get On Board with Project Coastline’s Photo Pond!

NAEC Paddle Project!

Students at North Addington Education Centre in Cloyne are proud to have completed creating and sanding the Project Coastline paddles! 

Canot à glace

5 février 2017 Ils devaient braver le froid, la neige et les glaces afin de joindre les rives et les 

Patin sur glace

20 janvier 2017 Avec les élèves des classes de francisation (élèves immigrants) nous sommes partis à la découverte de quelques 

How Do You Communicate?

Photos from Project Coastline’s fist leadership workshop with the wardroom officers from Toronto Brigantine. The workshop explored passive aggressive and