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Program Participant Uploaded Content Terms & Limited Liability

Program Participant Uploaded Content Terms

Project Coastline’s devoted to young people sharing stories.   Here’s how we handle the stuff you share with us:

  1. We respect the words, pictures, audio, video, and other content you upload or link;
  2. We’re really excited and glad that you’re sharing your words, pictures, sounds, videos, or other stuff with us!  Thank you!  If there’s anything you’d like us to do differently, please let us know;
  3. Please don’t upload other people’s work without their permission (ie no “media piracy” please); if you do and we find out, we’ll need to take it down and write you a disappointed email;
  4. We’ll probably share your stuff on our website at projectcoastline.ca;
  5. If it’s audio or video, we may stream it through a service like SoundCloud or Vimeo;
  6. We might also share all or part of it through other media channels like facebook, an email newsletter, or some kind of as-yet unknown future space hologram reverse engineered from alien technology;
  7. We will always credit you as the original author (unless you’d prefer to remain anonymous);
  8. Sadly, we probably won’t ever pay you anything;
  9. It’s faintly conceivable that in the future we may somehow make money of a site, service, or product in which your content appears.  In that case, any profit would be re-invested in Project Coastline, and, sadly we probably won’t be able to share directly with you;
  10. We may alter your submissions slightly to better fit;
  11. Thanks again.

By sending us content, you agree to these terms.


Limited Liability

  1. It’s not our fault if a user uploads something that shouldn’t be here, but if you find something that shouldn’t be on our site, please let us know and we’ll take it down as quickly as we can and write the submitter a disappointed letter;
  2. Project Coastline is provided AS IS and makes no claims as to the accuracy, reliability, dependability, or virtue of the site, content, server, or anything else;
  3. We don’t really do any fact checking so the “Coastal Discoveries” aren’t necessarily “true”;
  4. Project Coastline is Not To Be Used For Navigation under the Canadian Charts and Nautical Publications Regulations of 1995;