Skippers Council


Tasha Hyndman

Hello! I am Tasha Hyndman and I co-facilitate the Girls Circle program with Elizabeth Fry.  Girls Circle is a creative based prevention strategy for young women ages 13-24.  I chose to work with young girls because I enjoy hearing young people share their stories and I am grateful that I can positively impact younger versions of myself.

My love for the water began with Toronto Brigantine as a teen. There’s something about sailing through the night with the wind at your back and the stars above you that makes you see the beauty of nature. For me, the water is an escape, it’s a place where I can be my true and unapologetic self. I can truly say that I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my involvement with Toronto Brigantine.

I believe that humans were put on this earth to be caretakers of the this land; through Project Coastline, I hope to inspire other youth to stand together and fight to protect the water that connects us all.

Emma Fuller



My name is Emma Fuller, I am a grade twelve student from a rural town in Eastern Ontario, sitting on the southern border of the Canadian Shield. Because of where I live geographically, I have always been surrounded by countless clear lakes, rivers, and ponds, striking up my appreciation for water at a young age.

I spend my summers working as a Natural Heritage Educator at Bon Echo Provincial Park. My job is to educate Bon Echo’s visitors about the cultural and natural history of the Mazinaw country! I spend every summer day working on two boats within Bon Echo Provincial Park, a 12 passenger ferry boat transporting campers to and from trailheads, and a 26 passenger tour boat where I gave a 45 minute interpretive tour of the Mazinaw Lake, and the 260+ indigenous pictographs that were painted on the 100 meter high cliff hundreds of years ago!

I get to appreciate Ontario’s inland lakes and waterways every day, and I hope to get more folks to discover the endless potential they have to offer!

Radha Mokkaba




I was born in the small republic of Ingushetia and grew up most of my life in Germany. Since 2010, I have lived in Altona, Manitoba as well as Toronto, Ontario.  I have always enjoyed being around water whether it be through swimming, diving, or sailing. I am interested in a wide area of subjects most especially I focus my energy in the arts. I am most passionate about acting and attending workshops such as the Theatre of the Oppressed Intensive Workshop with Naomi Tesslar and studying fashion and business full time at Ryerson. I also volunteer with Pact fashion, pact entrepreneurship, Ruckus by South Etobicoke Youth assembly, the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corpse, Horizons for Youth, and most currently, I am volunteering as a peer mentor at Covenant House.  What I really hope to achieve with my involvement with Project Coastline is to bring my love of water closer to others and create a sense of accomplishment and gratitude in my young Canadian peers, for our Canadian coastlines.


Maria Bernadette Battaglia

Hi! My name is Maria and I have been living in Canada for almost 5 years now. I love my new home in Toronto and in the summer I am always out on the lake sailing. Being on the water is such a huge resource for me: we are so lucky to live right next to something so beautiful and I wish I could share my passion with more people. With Project Coastline I have two personal goals: the first one is to get more people out on the water by sharing my stories. The second one is to raise awareness on how important it is that each of us contributes to keep our lake clean and healthy.


Alex Byczko


Alex was introduced to sailing at 12 and quickly became addicted to the silent rush of power. This passion was sparked by the Canadian Sea Cadet Program where Alex quickly completed his levels and began teaching. Hungry for more and different experience, Alex left the cadet program to become the head instructor at The Boulevard Club and a Community Sailing Club, Westwood. Here he was able to expand and hone his interest in programs development and organization. It was through this experience that Alex realized Teaching was his calling and is now an Ontario Certified Teacher, as well as an Instructor Evaluator with Sail Canada. In order to keep his sailing skills sharp, Alex can be found sailing various dinghies and keelboats, however recently he’s been preoccupied with the j/24, 49er, and Hobie 16 catamaran. With the competitive sailing sphere, Match Racing has recently grabbed Alex’s attention due to the high levels of skill and intensity needed to race within this combative style. Finally, Alex hopes to inspire other to sail within the GTA by sharing his love for sailing through his Instagram. You can catch him at @grandfromage33.


Renee Tiller

My name is Renee Tiller, I am 14 years old and I want to share my love for water with as many people as I can!  Who doesn’t love water? Whether it is for a warm bath after a cold winters day or drinking a cold glass of water on a hot day, water is very therapeutic.  I have always loved being near water since I was very little and as a young Canadian, I do not see that changing in the future.  



Jasper Court

My name is Jasper Court and I am a nature enthusiast. I reside in the Gaspésie region of eastern Quebec, located next to the Baie des Chaleurs (Chaleur Bay). I am 15 years old and currently in Grade 10 at Sugarloaf Senior High School.  I am working as the lead Skipper of Project Coastline Quebec to bring my peers interesting nautical activities. I admire Canada’s coastline and I am incredibly fond of water based activities. Some of my favorite hobbies include: Hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking, and sailing. Stay posted for the weekly newscast to hear of our updates on the boat building project for the launch, July 1st, 2017.



Laurence Pagé

Bonjour! Mon nom est Laurence Pagé. J’ai été introduite aux sports nautiques dès mon plus jeune âge par la natation, le canot et la voile. J’ai voyagé sur le fleuve St-Laurent sur le quillard de mes parents du lac Ontario aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine en passant par l’île d’Anticosti. Dès ma douzième année, j’ai été initié à la voile sur dériveur avec les cadets de la marine et depuis je n’ai jamais arrêté.  J’ai même eu la chance de vivre deux semaines sur un grand voilier, le T.S. Royalist, au Royaume-Uni. Je suis instructeur de voile accrédité par Voile Canada depuis 2012, d’abord avec les cadets, puis au Gatineau River Yacht Club depuis 2014.  J’ai aussi participé aux régates nationales des cadets de la marine à Kingston, Ontario, en 2012 et 2013.  Avec le projet Coastline, j’espère aider à faire découvrir la richesse des plans d’eau omniprésents au Québec.


Céline Salhi

Je m’appelle Céline Salhi, j’ai 15 ans et je m’implique beaucoup dans mon école. À l’école secondaire De Rochebelle, je fais partie du conseil étudient de mon pavillon, je suis l’assistante-gérante du dépanneur scolaire de l’école, je suis la présidente du comité Interact De Rochebelle, je m’occupe de la mascotte de l’école Rocky, je fais du bénévolat tous les samedi matin de 8h à 12h pour le mini-basket (mini-laser) et je fais partie de l’équipe de basket juvénile CC. Quelques une des activités que j’aime faire sont allées pêcher avec ma famille et marcher sur le bord du fleuve.


Nova Scotia

Dev K

Hi! My name is Dev K and I am passionate about Canada’s Marine Heritage!

Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town was settled on June 7, 1753 by Foreign Protestants (German, French and Swiss inland farmers) as a British Colonial Settlement. Given the poor soil and their close proximity to the ocean, these farmers quickly turned themselves into a seafaring people.

Being raised by a family of fishers in Lunenburg, it seemed only fitting to pursue a career in history. My most recent accomplishments include Bluenose: The Legend Lives; a documentary on the iconic schooner aired on CBC.



Mady Frellick


Hello friends! My name is Mady Frellick, and I am a sixteen year old high school student living on the edge of the world in Lunenburg Nova Scotia. I have grown my love of Canada’s coastline through growing up surrounded by the ocean, sailing, and water. Currently I am a grade 11 IB certificate student, with hopes of combining my studies and travels after I graduate. As a Project Coastline ambassador, I hope to share my love of Nova Scotia’s rich culture, history, and environment through my love for photography, nature, and the environment.


Gabriel St. Denis

Gabe St-Denis is a professional sailor who has climbed up the ranks from student to volunteer to Lead Seaman and is currently the Bosun on the Tall Ship PICTON CASTLE of Lunenburg. His advice: Work hard, eat well, go wherever life takes you and don’t be afraid to do something completely different. Follow his adventures through his captivating stories found in our Magazine, Audio Waves.