Project Coastline is a youth engagement project to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary of the Confederation through the discovery of our marine heritage. Project Coastline comprises exciting and engaging activities designed and delivered by youth.  Canadian youth ages 13-29 across Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia are taking charge to discover, foster and celebrate Canada’s marine heritage through nautical and creative leadership programming, including the building of a boat in Gaspesie, Quebec, a Canadian Girls STEAM Canoe nearby Lake Ontario, and running a social media and schools inter-provincial challenge campaign.

All partnerships and youth led activities will be featured on the Project Coastline website highlighting the events, workshops, podcasts/stories leading up to the Project Coastline launch; showcasing the many art exhibits and works created by 2300 young Canadians.  Our launch will be on Canada Day 2017, commemorating the first global circumnavigation by Canada’s Joshua Slocum and Canada’s 150th Anniversary.   A unique creative interactive media platform, Project Coastline brings young people together to share stories and art that captures the beauty of our 202,080 km of coastline, corresponding with 1000km coastline communities.  We celebrate these coastline communities by handing over a pair of canoe paddles to launch our school challenge initiative – Canada Youth 150 Paddle Project Coastline.

We are connecting youth aged 13-24 inter-provincially to form the Skippers Council.  We have a Skippers Council who is taking action and putting forth in their circles and communities,experiential nautical events and stories about Canada’s marine heritage.  Learn more about our Skippers Council