7 Schools Challenge!!

Class is in session!

Last Friday December 9th, Project Coastline was in Cloyne Ontario at North Addington Education Center to meet the students there and congratulate them on being the first school to #GetOnBoard with Project Coastline and the 7 Schools Challenge.

Students at North Addington had the opportunity to meet our VIP speaker David Newland from Adventure Canada Expeditions, and ask their questions about what it’s like to sail through the arctic. With beautiful photographs, funny anecdotes and incredible music, David shared his experiences traversing the Northwest Passage and the people he has met along the way.

David’s music tells the story of the culture of the First Peoples who live in the Canadian North, as well as his experience being a visitor in some of our country’s most remote communities. Check out a clip of him singing his song “Muskox Stew”

David Newland – Muskox Stew from Tasha Hyndman on Vimeo.

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