Peggy’s Point Lighthouse. Nova Scotia

The first lighthouse at Peggys Cove was built in 1868 and was a wooden house with a beacon on the roof, marking the eastern entrance to St. Margarets Bay. That lighthouse would help ships know that there were rocks up ahead.  The first lighthouse was replaced by the current structure, an octagonal lighthouse which was built in 1914. It is made of reinforced concrete but retains the eight-sided shape of earlier generations of wooden light towers. It stands almost 15 metres (49 ft) high. The old wooden lighthouse became the keeper’s dwelling and remained near to the current lighthouse until it was damaged by Hurricane Edna in 1954 and was removed. The lighthouse was automated in 1958. Since then, the red light was changed to white light, then to a green light in the late 1970s. Finally to conform to world standards the light was changed to red in 2007. Despite numerous signs warning visitors about the unpredictable surf, several people are swept off the rocks by waves crashing onto the shoreline, sometimes drownings occur each year


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