Winter Months

“There is no more thrilling sensation I know of than sailing. It comes as near to flying as man has got to yet – except in dreams.” – Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat

Winter Months

Time flies when you’re happy.

When the winter months hit and the haulouts start to happen the sunlight starts to only come for a short time each day, the cool water turns into a freezing liquid, and the wind suddenly starts to feel like ice.

For me, there’s not a day that goes by during the winter months that I don’t wish I was out on the water, or on a trail hike surrounded by green leaves. When the air is warm and the sun is out I am the happiest. So this leaves me in a funk… What do I do when the winter comes? It’s hard to find my winter substitution for sailing. Sure, I play sports, I do music, I go on hikes, but it’s not easy to find a match.

It’s different for everyone, but being creative is key for me. Drawing, spontaneous dance parties, random guitar jams, adventures with friends… these all give me the happiness and freedom that I have when on the water.

Regardless of what I do to pass the time there will always be 24 hours in a day, but finding some little spurts of happiness always helps time fly.

Author – Mady Frellick

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